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Earn Money By Sharing Your Files


Last time, I talked about Ziddu (a free hosting service), Share A Pic (image hosting service), and Shared Images (image hosting service). Those sites are free hosting services that pay you when you share your files or images. Today, I will talk about another free hosting service that also pays you when you share your files.  Every time, a user downloads your file, you earn up to 2 cents. You can earn up to $20 for every 1000 unique downloads.

The minimum payment request is 30$.

Uploading also provide 3 types of membership. Those memberships do not affect on your earning. However, if a user buys Premium access while downloading your file, you earn $20. You can also earn 10% on your referrals earning.

Here is a summary of some features that Uploading provides:

We pay up to $20 per 1000 unique downloads
We pay for downloads from many countries
We also pay 10% of the amount earned by your referrals
Daily payments by request!
Minimum payment is just $30!
We pay via Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and PayPal

To register, click here.

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