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Should We Use nofollow link or follow link in Our Blogs Comments?


In the previous post, I showed you how to change from the nofollow link to follow link in the blogger comment section. The question is: would we change to follow link in the comment section? The answer may depend on you or on your website purposes.

If your website is new, I recommend you to change it to follow link. This way will encourage your readers to comment on your blogs. It will create the interaction between you and your readers. It shows that your blogs is a live blog. However, when you turn your comment section to follow link, it will cause the problem. You will be spammed by spammers, who want to increase their website pageranks and backlinks. So, I suggest you re-consider turning it to follow link.

If your blog is old enough, having many readers and comments already, and you are making money with your blogs. It is a good idea to change your comment blog section to nofollow link. With nofollow link, it will help you in the long run with the search engine. It will help you increasing your blog pagerank, and decreasing comment spams.

That is my ideas, what about yours? Should we change it to follow or nofollow?

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