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How to post your articles to your blog from your email

Blogger.com allows you to post your articles to your blogs by many ways. Usually, you have to sign in to write and submit your articles. However, Blogger also allows you to submit your articles from any email. Today, I will show you how to use this function.
Step 1: Set up this function.

You must login to your account to enable this function. Choose the Blog that you want to use this feature, click on setting tab -> email
At Mail-to-Blogger Address: you can type anything, but you must remember it because it is your target email address which is use to get your article from your email.

For example, I type shiro, then the target email address is

Next, there are 2 options you can choose. You can choose the first one which your articles will be posted to your blog when you send the email.
Step 2: You can use any webmail or MS Outlook Express to post your article. When sending your article put your information like this

To: youraccount.shiro@blogger.com

Subject: Article title

Beside, you can use Docs and Spreadsheets to post your article

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