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How to count how many people are online on your websites

There are many ways to know how many people are online on your websites. If you know a little about php or asp language, you can easily write this function for your sites. What about if you do not know anything about those languages? Don’t worry about it, there are many websites provide this service. In this post, I am giving you some websites provide this service. It is very easy to use.
Method 1: This is the easiest way to do it. You just have to go to this website and put your website url into the required box and get your code. After that, implement that code onto your website, then you are done.
Method 2: This method is the same as the above one, but you can change the color of your counters.

Just go to this website, and put all the information they need, that’s it.
Hope this help you guys.

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