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The advantages of WordPress


Nowadays, WordPress is a blogging platform which is very popular on the internet. Most blogger use WordPress for their blog. But why? Have you ever think about the advantages of WordPress?

Here are some advantages of Wordpress that I realize after using Wordpress.

1. Easy to install, after a few click, your blog is ready for you to public.

2. Easy to manage content, topic, comments, and edit post…

3. Easy to contact between writers and readers through comment section.

4. There are a lot of free-nice themes for you to choose.

5. There are a lot of useful plug-ins to make your blog unique and better.

6. Easy to post video and music to your blogs.

7. Search engine friendly.

8. Easy to restore database from other blogging script via import function.

9. Easy to modify template if you want to.

10.No limit category and sub-category.

11.Using XML RPC to trackback.

12.Easy to post article from email.

13.There are a lot of help from Wordpress and wordpress community.

14.Search function is very good.

15.Support many languages.

16.Administration Panel is very easy to use and understand.

And a lot more

Hope this little information help you to choose your best blogging script.

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