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Choosing a webhost for Wordpress


After choosing a best blogging platform, the next thing, you have to do is to choose a hosting provider to public your blog. In order to install wordpress on your host, your host must support PHP4 and MySQL. Most hosting providers support PHP4 and MySQL, so you should not worry about this problem. What you should consider to think about is web space, bandwidth, security, uptime, support, control panel, and final fee/month.

There are a lot of hosting provider on the internet, but only some of them are good to choose include bluehost.com, dreamhost.com, hostmonster.com, hostgator.com,… which you never have to worry about hosting, about their uptime and service. They are the best. However, a new blog with a few posts, a few visitors, and you have to pay for a webhost. It is a kind of waste, so I think you should choose a free webhost to host your blog until you have a lot of visitors to your blogs. You can find a free webhost at http://www.free-webhosts.com

When you choose a free host, you should consider:

1.Uptime: You can not do anything with a host that is always offline. Your visitors will never stay with your blogs.

2.Speed: Speed is the main thing that decide your blog can live or not. If your blog is very slow, your visitors are more likely to leave your sites.

3. Support top level domain: allow you to add domain to your account, so people can connect to your sites via your domains which make your sites look professional.

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