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Buying domain


After choosing your blogging platform and webhosting, the next step, you should do is to have a top level domain. A top level domain makes your blog look professional and that also help people to trust your business.

There are many companies sell domain on the internet, but the best place to buy domain are Godaddy and dynadot, they have control panel very easy to use, security, and fast.

Sometimes, you can obtain a domain by buying a webhosting for free.

You can buy domain and hosting at the same company in order to have an easy control. However, I recommend you to buy domain and hosting on different company unless that webhosting gives you a free domain. If you have domain and hosting on different company, when they have problems, you only have problem on one side, either domain or hosting. Also, when you buy a domain at domain company, you have all control over your domain.

After you have a domain, you can create an email address with your domain which is very good for your business.

After all, I recommend you to buy your domain now because if you do not buy your domain now. It might be gone forever.

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