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How to choose a best theme for your Wordpress blogs?


Theme (skin) is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your blogs. If you have a good theme, it attracts your visitors to stay on your blogs. That’s why choosing a theme is very important. Here is some suggestion when you decide to choose a theme.

1. What is your topic? What your blog is taking about: personal blog, entertainment, computer, internet…

If you are talking about entertainment, you should choose a theme which is colorful. If your blog is a part of your websites, you should choose a theme which its color is similar to your websites. Theme must relate to your topic.

2. If you are making money by blogging, then you should consider using the theme which is optimized to make money which ads. With this theme, it is easier for you to put ads into the place that you want. These themes are also optimized for search engine friendly.

I recommend you to use 3 column templates, so you have more space to put your ads.

3. Remember to use new template because the old template sometimes does not support new version of Wordpress.

4. Test your theme before using it. It is very crucial. Sometimes, you see a beautiful theme, but it does not work as you want and also does not work with some browser. For example, before I use a theme which is very nice, but it does not have widget ready, I have to convert it. If you do not know any web language, it is very difficult to do it, and you have problems with your theme.

5. Testing theme with plugins before using, most theme are compatible with plugins, however, sometimes you will see some themes are not compatible with widget. Last time, I use a theme which does not allow me to use my category order.

6. Coding: Is it easy to read and understand? If not, I would not recommend you to use it because it is very hard to modify later.

7. Update and support: is that theme still up to date and provide support for that theme? If not, just forget it. You might need help.

8. Browser CompatibilityTesting on another browsers to see if it works normally. Especially,IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Opera.

What are your ideas on choosing a theme?

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