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How to insert contact form into Blogger/Website?


Most websites have a contact page which allows their visitors to contact them if they have questions about their products. If you are using Blogger, you cannot do this because blogger does not have this tool. You have to use a third party tool called contactify to create a contact page. With this tool you never reveal your email address to anyone, but it keeps you contactable with your readers.

In order to use this contact form, you must obtain an account from contactify.com. Please go to www.contactify.com and register an account. Remember to use your email which you want to get messages from your readers to register because that email will get messages from your readers.

When you finish registration, you will get an HTML code similar to this http://www.contactify.com/8fa1g You can use HTML code to insert contact form to your website Contact Us If you want to use contact form as a widget, click on .embed at the top on the right of the page. Type 8fa1g (number at the end of the above link) into Link No. box then click on widgebox. It opens Widget Settings page which allow you to put all necessary information for your contact form. After that, click on Get Widget -> Get Widget code to get your widget code. You can put this code into HTML/JavaScript element in blogger setting.

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