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Bloggrz-StumbleUpon for Bloggers?


Why do we have to stumble all over the internet? That is a great question to me. Thus, I went to and searched, and finally, I have discovered a new site named bloggrz.com, this site is look like Stumbleupon.com. Stumbleupon is a social network that contains all websites on the internet, however, bloggrz.com only focus to blog sites. The site is pretty new, so there are not too many blog sites on there yet. However, I believe the sites will become bigger and bigger in near future, and it will become a great social network on internet like Stumbleupon, Digg…

The only downside I ever see on this social network is that their toolbar only support Firefox browser. We have to use Firefox to get it work. Thus, if you are not using Firefox right now, you have to download it and install in order to use this social network.

I suggest you use it from now because the early you submit your site, the more visitors you will get from there.

If you signup, feel free to add me as a friend on there.

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