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Advantage and Disadvantage of Google Blogger

There are many blog providers on the internet, but each blog platform has advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has their own purposes of blogging. Thus, if you are a blogger, you should choose a blog platform that is best for you. In this post, I will be analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger, so you can use it to compare it with other blog platform that you knew.
- It is free forever, and it is running on a strong OS. It is easy to connect to your blog at all time, you can check the Blogger status via http://status.blogger.com/
- It is easy to be listed on search engines.
- Support many languages.
- There are many tools ready to use in Blogger and some in development.
- Easy to change template.
- No limit bandwidth, number of blog, and comments.
- No limit on how many people can use the same account.
- Easy to implement JavaScript into template.
- You can use your own domain on your blog.
- Limit 1 MB for 1 page.
- You only have 300 MB to store image.
- Blog description must be under 500 words.
- Profile Interests and Favorites: Must be less than 2000 words for each box.
- Blogger does not have a tool that connects people the same network together like Yahoo 360°.
- The number of template is not too many as Wordpress.
In fact, these limits are not big problems for us because we usually never reach them. If you do not have time and money to build your professional blogs, I recommend you to use Blogger as your first blog platform.

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Anonymous said...

it is very useful information . what i was looking i get here. thanks for knowledge sharing


Puneet said...

There are no. of website for file hostingSend online file

use can use picasa and flickr for images

it is possible to add Static page there you may add About us page

More over most of the templates by blogger are search engine optimized and even made compatible with html5 Hope this helps too

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