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6 tips to maximize revenue from Adsense


1. Create more content pages and add your Adsense ads on those pages. The more ads you have on your sites, the more revenue you have from Adsense. But, I recommend you have to make a website about the topic that you have passion.

2. Using high paying key words: By using high paying key words, you have already increased the amount of money that Google will pay you for each click, but remember that you should not create a page that does not relate to the entire website because it makes your site to be unprofessional or become worse.

3. Get more visitors to your sites. It is obviously that the more visitors come to your sites, the more clicks you will get.

4. Create a high qualified content with specific topic. Because Google Adsense display ads that are relevant to your contents. If you have a qualified content, and you carefully choose your keywords, then you will have a better ads showing on your websites.

5. Choosing the right format for your ads: Make your ads look like a part of your websites. That will increases the rate of click through.

6. Do not click on your own ads. You will be banned from Adsense program. No more revenue from Google Adsense!!!

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