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Meta description and key words tags


It is a good idea to have good Meta tags because you are making a good Meta tags, you are optimizing your website. The chance you get more visitor is higher.

Meta Description Tags:

One of the most important things that you can do to have better search engine listing is to write a good description for your sites. The description does not help your site rank well on the search engine, but it is used to help searchers to identify your website. If you have a good description about your site, when a searcher see your site on the search engine, they likely want to click on your site. The following syntax is used to write the description.

<meta content="Your description here" name="description" />

You should consider replacing “your description here” with the description of your site instead of your key words. If you put your key words there, when your site is listed in the search engines, it will show your key words on the search engine result. Do you think it is worth that way? I would say no because nobody know exactly what your site about, and most of the time, they will skips your site.

Meta Keywords Tags :

Keywords are still used in some search engines, but not in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Some search engine use Meta keywords to identify and list your website. The key words should contain words or phrases that are relevant to the content on your sites. The following code show you how to use Meta keywords tag.

<meta name="keywords" content="your keywords here" />

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