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How to Delete Blogger Navbar Completely


Hiding your blogger navbar is a very basic trick that you all want to know to make your blog look better. I already showed you this trick a very long time ago. However, the navbar still exists on your blog, it only hides from showing on your blog. Your navbar still loads on your blog and all the functions associates with it still on your blog.

blogger navbar

Today, I'm going to show you how to delete this navbar completely. Once day, while modifying my template, I commented out a block of code to replace it with the new code. I commented out the <body> tag. As a result, I found out this trick.

delete blogger navbar completely

To delete this navbar

1. Login to your account --> Design --> Edit HTML
2. Click on "Download Full Template" to backup your template.
3. Check "Expand Widget Templates"
4. Search for
5. Add the following code before it
6. Save your template and your navbar is deleted completely.

Note: When you delete the Navbar, the quick edit function on your blog will no longer work. To edit anything on your blog, you have to do it in your Dashboard.

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