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Google Apps and Blogger on the Same Domain: Problem and Solution

Today, I tried to set up an email address associate with this domain blogsmonetize.com. However, I got a problem

When the Domain Record is set to CNAME, MX Records or Email Forwarding is not allowed.

Yes, that is a problem. Normally, when you use your top level domain to publish your blog on blogger, you configure your DNS domain as CNAME. In order to use an email address associate with your domain, you'll need to change the "MX record" of your domain settings. Obviously, you get the problem since you cannot have that combination on the same domain. However, there is a solution. Instead of using CNAME for your blogger and point to ghs.google.com, you can use A Record type to point to one of the Blogger server. By using A Record for your blogger, you will able to set up your email service.
Here is a list of IP server that you can use.

Disadvantage: By using A Record for your Blogger. If the server that you choose to use is down, you blog will be down as well.

Alternative: You can use a subdomain for you blogger. You will not run into this problem.

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