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Free credits on Entrecard

As you already know, traffic is the most important element of a blog. Thus, you always find a way to get more visitors to your website. Now, there is a chance that you can get more visitors for minimal work. Right now, Entrecard is giving away 5,000 credits ($15 value) free if you do the following:

Just write a review about Entrecard on your blog. Share the pro’s and the con’s (hopefully, there will be pro’s ;) ). And in your blog, please place a link back to this contest (Here’s the URL: http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=1593).
Tha’ts it! Once you’re done go to http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=1593 and post the link to your review in the comment section. Also include your Entrecard profile URL (example: http://entrecard.com/details/132139). This is the ONLY way we can issue the 5,000 EC credits to you. Good luck and have fun! :)

It is fun to join Entrecard. You get credits by droping your card on other blogs. Then, you can use those credits to advertise your blog on other blogs. The more you drop, the more credits you have. As a result, your blogs will be exposed to everyone, and you get more visitors. Also, you can earn more credits by placing your card on your blog and advertise other blogs there.

Entrecard is great and free. If you have not signup. You should do it now.

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