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Change number of Posts in Feedburner

Sometimes, you want to increase or decrease the number of posts on your feed for SEO purposes. One of the many reasons are. If your blogs uses a lot of images and video... it will take a lots time to load your feed. Your feed may take too long to load, you will make your subscribers loose patient. By default, your blogs RSS Feed (Feedburner) only displays the latest 25 posts. There is a way to change this number .

1. Login to Feedburner account.
2. Click on "Feed Title".
3. Click on "Edit Feeds Details" link just below title of your feed.
4. In the" Original Feed" box, change


Instead of 25, you can change it to any number which is less than 500.

5. Click on "Save Feed Details".

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Andrew, Esq. said...

Hi. I'm trying to change my max results. Everywhere I look, including the Feedburner help page and your post, the same "Original feed" is given. The only problem i that my original feed does not have "posts/default". Instead it has "?feed=rss2". I tried adding the "?max-results=500" to the end of it and it did not work. For the life of me, I can't find a way to change it. Please help!

Shiro said...

The url structure here is for blogger blog. You need to know the structure of coding of your blog to extend the maximum number of post on your feed. I suggest you to ask your blogger service.

privateconversation said...

Ok but how do get max results AND maintain original post date order? The episodes don't stay in order when implementing the code provided.

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