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Website Content is the King: 5 Questions to Ask Your Website Content Provider

Everyday, millions of websites and web pages are being updated or added to the World Wide Web. As the number of websites and web pages increase, the chances that your website will be viewed decrease, unfortunately. To keep up with the competition, effective internet copywriting is the key.

Realizing this, business ventures have started investing on a good website writer. You shouldn't be left out or else, you might lose your chance of marketing your business, your products, and even your self or your advocacies in life in this very powerful medium called the Internet.

Is there really a need for a website writer?

Unless you are confident with your writing skill, you may opt not to hire a website writer for your web copywriting needs. However, you must take note that web copywriting is different from conventional writing.

A website writer specializes in internet copywriting in a sense that he or she has already adapted to the particular demands of a web's text content. The website writer fully understands that web surfers only scan the sites; they only spend time reading contents which they deem useful.

The website writer is very familiar and adept with the Internet language. He or she knows how to keep the surfers engaged in reading by providing them with useful contents written in a very interesting manner. The website writer knows the principle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and applies it to his or her articles.

What are the guidelines in choosing a website writer?

Text content providers are everywhere. There are companies that outsource writing services. The website writer can also be independent or freelance. Before you finally lay out the contracts, it would be helpful to ask some of these questions to the website writer.

1. Do you guarantee your content?

The text content is the most essential element of your web page. The website writer should assure to deliver content that meets your standards. Furthermore, if there is any need for revisions, this should  be done free. If your website writer is a quality provider and has a proven track record in the field of web copywriting, he or she will revise the work accordingly.

2. How many levels of editing does your content pass through?

You wouldn't want to see your website with grammatical errors, typographical errors, or incorrect punctuation marks.  Moreover, you wouldn't want to be sued for plagiarism and inaccuracy. The web content materials should be edited and proofread properly. If the content does not comply with your instruction, then all your efforts in improving your website will be useless.

3. Are your writers freelancers or office-based?

The quality of the web content would really depend upon the skills and expertise of the website writer. Office-based writers would be preferable because they have undergone training under their company. You also know that there is more efficient coordination between the editors and writers if they are housed within the same work location.

4. Do you have satisfied clients that can vouch for your quality?

Find out about the other clients and the writing portfolio of the content provider. If other big companies rely to this content provider, then it means they are able to deliver well. Find out what their expertise are, and if their services suit your needs. In this way,  you'll also get the right value for your money. 

5. Do you have the scale to service my website copy needs as my business grows?

Sooner or later, your may have more job orders for the content provider. You're business shouldn't be interrupted or delayed by untimely delivery of outputs. You have to ask the content provider if they have enough writers to meet your demands in terms of both quantity and quality.

The bottomline is clear--finding the right website copywriting service for your online publishing business may mean the difference between profit and loss.  Keep these questions in mind when reviewing your blog's content options.  Saving a few pennies now by buying duplicate content unedited text from some dodgy hawker on Yahoo IM might mean serious losses down the road in terms of lost traffic and income opportunities. 

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