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Review of t3leads.com

Pay Per Click programs usually pay just pennies for each click. Pay Per Lead program like T3leads pays much more. Currently, the highest-paying product on their site is about $65. It is simple and easy. T3leads pays you whenever a visitor on your site clicks through and fills out the form on relevant, qualified products and services.

As an affiliate, T3leads offers you a lot of tools to promote their service. Currently, T3leads is one of the largest conversion rates in the industry, ranging from 1:6 to 1:9
Here are some features that they offer:

  1. Easily manage your account.
    • Fast and easy private and public feed setup.
    • Reliable and accurate, proprietary tracking system
    • Accounts are accessible 24 hours a day.
  2. How do they pay us?
    • They pay us via Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal, ePassporte and ACH in US dolar.
    • The minimum payout is $100 and they pay us twice a month. Any affiliate with over $1k in weekly commissions can request weekly payments. You just have to contact them about it.
  3. You can earn more by referring other people to join this program. You will get 5% commission from your referrals.
  4. They also have a support forum which you can post your concern about their program. There are also many useful articles about their program on their websites and on their forums.

Note: In order to reduce the fraud, when you sign up for affiliate program, they will call you or send a message to you to verify your phone number.


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