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What is Feedjit?


Feedfit is a service that provides free widgets for bloggers/webmasters to put on their sites. Statistics that they provide is public on blogger’s sites, so visitors can see those statistics.It also include your blog in their "Geoblogosphere" and if you are popular in your local area they will send you local visitors!

Live traffic feed: It shows who come to your sites and where they come from. It also shows you where they leave your site. For example:

Live traffic map: Shows where your visitors live.
Live recommended reading: Shows pages that other visitors read.
Live page popularity: show top pages on your sites.
To have these widgets on your sites, you just go to their websites and click on get feedjit to get the code. You also want to customize the color of the widget, then click on customize it to change the color as you want to. Hope this is useful to you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on this. Sounds like a really good gadget to use on Blogs. I am going to put this on mine also.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. This post is provide is very useful and important information.


Felix Makmur said...

Thanks for the information Shiro. I also use Feedjit in my blog and it works really well to track the visitors and traffic.

anok imchen said...

is this counter public??? can we make it private??
i've a counter on that i'm using on my blog but their website is of flash so it takes a lot of time to open their site...anyways they provide a lot of infos for free :)

Shiro said...

Yes, this one is public. You can use this StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker. You can set it invisible.

SMS said...

Is the database downloadable? I sue histats but only 20k urls are downloads from histats :(

Shiro said...

it is not downloadable

kanan said...

I am using feedji .but i dont know whether is good or not

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