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How to follow a Blogger blog without Follower Gadget

Recently, Blogger introduced the Followers Gadget. It is a very useful tool. This gadget is used to build a community network for your blog. This gadget is similar to feed. It can help you get new information on other Blogger blogs quickly. Unlike feed, you can only get their updates on the feed readers.  With Follower Gadget, when you subscribe, you can get their updates on the Blogger dashboard and in Google reader.  So, when you log in your blogs in Blogger dashboard, you can easily see the update on other blogs. However, most bloggers do not use this gadget on their blogs.  When you see an interesting blog, you want to subscribe to their follower, but their do not have one. You may not feel good. There is a solution to this problem.

To follow a blog that does not use Follower Gadget, you need their blogID. You can find this ID in their blog source code. Open their blog source, and search for blogID number

Then replace this number with blognumber in the following link:


Copy this link and past it in the browser address, then it will ask you to choose to subscribe privately or publicly.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. I was wondring how to follow Blogs that did not have the follow gadget on them.

Child of God said...

hi drop hop,nice blog,keep on blogging

Shiro said...

thanks guys. Keep check them out. I will put more information when I have time.

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