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Why’s your blog loading slowly?


In this post, I will summarize all possible reasons why your blogs is loading slowly. I’m sure this post will be very useful to you if your blogs belong to this category. There are many reasons to cause this problem; here is what now I can remember:

1. Widget: First, I have to mention about widgets. When I was reading on other blogs, I see most people like to add a lot of widgets on their blogs. I know widgets are very useful, but do you think it is useful for your blogs? Before, I also add a lot of widgets include ads and other stuff on this blog, this cause my blog loading so slow. That’s why I removed them, and keeped only 2 or 3 ads. I usually see that most bloggers like to add some widgets like music, mini game, poll, slideshow…those widgets really cause your blog loading much more slowly. In fact, visitors only care about your contents most of the time; they often do not care about other things. If you want to add widgets for your blogs, you should consider which one is best for your blogs, which one your visitors need. Do not add all of them to your blogs. It makes your blogs loading slowly. Your visitors will leave your blogs. Recent comments, recent posts, search box and bookmark button…are widgets that I think they are very useful for your blogs.

2.JavaScript: Some bloggers are using some JavaScript code to create snow fall, style mouse, special menu… to have a nicer blog. They do not know that those styles make their blogs loading really slow. I recommend you make your blog simple as you can. Most of the time, your visitors only care about your content.

3. Advertisement: I know, advertisement can bring you some money to pay your hosting, domain…, and some bloggers can live with that money without actually going to work. However, do not use too much ads on your blogs. It makes your blog loading slow than ever, you should choose some best advertisement to use on your blogs.

4. Flash: Flash makes your blogs look cooler, but it is the main reason causes your blog running slow.

5. Picture: Because pictures take a lot of space (I mean KB, MB), so it take time to load them. Again it makes your blogs slowly.

This is what I can remember for now. There are a lot more reasons that cause your blogs loading slowly. If you know any, please let me know. I will add them to this list.

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Anonymous said...

great tips and great read.


SweetTrix said...

You may also want to included that compressing your css can also speed up your blog. Blog templates usually have a lot of excess css coding that can be compressed and optimize loading. You can compress your css here ... When doing this you should always make a backup of your blog template just in case. You can then see how long your blog loads with this tool

Just adding to your other great tips!

Good Luck!

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