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Moola - Get paid by playing game


moola - get paid by playing game

Have you ever known that you can make money by playing game online? I doubt that. Today, I'll show you a website, where you can turn 1 penny into thousands, even millions if you want to.

Playing game at Moola is fun. There are 4 ways you can make money with Moola:

1. Playing game and win.
2. Do the offer. Most of them are paid offer.
3. Shopping and get up to 50% back.
4. For Game creator,you can generate additional revenue for your games

Here is how the whole system work:
Moola’s sponsors give you 1 penny for your first game, or when you have nothing left in your balance.
There are many games to pick from at Moola, just pick one and start playing. When playing, you can deposit your money from your balance to play. If you won, your balance is doubled. If you lost, you loose, your deposit. Actually, you are playing with another person. You win their money.
Now when you have your 0.02$, you can play again. Every time you win, your balance doubles. Personally, I have more than $10 so far. It is pretty fun to play when you have time.
Everything is free. You don't have to put your own money to play. Once, you reach $10, you can cash out. Nowadays, the cash out process is slow. However, they are planing to implement the new system to speed up the cash out process. They are a legal company from Canada that online more than a year. They will not scam you. One of my friend got the check already. I am about to get my payment at Paypal soon.

They pay you by Check and Paypal only.

Currently, they only accept people from U.S. and Canada only.

At Moola, sometime they have an event, where you can double your earning.

To join in, you have to get an invitation. Here, I have some invitations, feel free to take one before it run out.

proof of payment from Moola

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Tristen said...

Moola is a fun place to play games and get paid for it. I haven't logged in and played for a while, but plan on logging on today and playing a couple games. If you like playing games online, you might want to consider Moola. Not only do you have fun but you get paid too.

Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's only for us and canada, i loved the game but can't get money from it :(
How about anno1777, a political and economic simulator just opened for us and other countries as well http://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=11953

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