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How to increase your earning on Mylot community


Mylot is an online community that pays you for posting and participating. There are many ways to earn money through Mylot such as, posting and replying on a topic. You can also earn money by referring other people to participate on Mylot. Today, I'll show you ways to increase your earning on Mylot.

1. Post often: For every single post you make, you earn money. So, the more post you make, the more money you earn. Respond to other topic. Mylot is a big community, you will also find a topic that you interesting in.

2. When posting, try to break out many paragraphs as much as possible. The more paragraph you have, the longer post you make. You earn more money.

3. Focus on quality of post. When posting a quality post, most people like to comment on it. The more comment on your topic, the more money you get.

4. Add images and photos: Adding your photos on your post also increasing your earning.

5. Make friends on myLot also increasing your earning. When you log onto myLot, there is a separate section showing threads your friends have started. When you respond to your friends' discussion threads, they will likely respond to yours as well. When you make friends on myLot, you help each other and increase your payments in the process.

6. Rating: Whenever you see a useful post, you can rate it to increase your participation. Not only does it increase your participation payments, but it also increases the ratings of that particular user on Mylot.

If you are not participating on Mylot community and earn some money by participating. You can sign up here.

Any comment about it? If you have any more ways to increase your mylot earning, please share with us. I will update it.

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Tristen said...

Those are some really good tips about Mylot. I really like Mylot, there are a lot of different opinions to read and many different topics. Mylot can be addicting, I know when i have spare time I am there asking and answering questions. Making friends there isn't only important to your earning, it can help network your blog or website or even trade referral links for different programs.

•§•Good Luck•§•

Blogger said...

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Shiro said...

Thanks a lot,
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