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All in one SEO pack - best Search engine optimization plugin for your Wordpress blog


If you are running a Wordpress blogs, and you want to optimize your blog for better search engine crawl, however, you do not want to spend a lot of time on this, All in one SEO pack Wordpress plugin is for you. With this little plugin, it can help you to optimize your blog title, keyword, and description for your individual posts without single work. This plugin will automatically generate keyword, description and title for your blog post.

Once you install this plugin, you just have to set all the option that work for you and leave it works automatically. You also can enable the auto generation for description, it will generate the description for your post from your blog post. You can also set categories/tag to be keyword for your post. The best option you could ever want is to let search engine not index your post multiple times to have suplemental result which you can do with this plugin by not using option “Use noindex for categories and Archives”.

You can directly download the plugin from here.

If you are already using this plugin, what do you think about it? Is this the best?

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