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20 best plugins for your Wordpress blogs


Do you know which Wordpress Plugins you should use on your Wordpress blog? After using Wordpress a while, I have found some great Wordpress plugins that I think you should use on your Wordpress blogs. If you can active them on your server/blog, then I recommend you active and use them.

1. Aksimet Comment Spam Killer: This is the best comment spam protection plugin for your Wordpress blogs. It is already there, you should activate it and use it, but you still need an API key.

2.WP-ContactForm: This plugin allows your visitors to contact you without seeing your email.Download

3.Adsense Deluxe: Help you to manage your adsense ads on your blogs.Download

4.Related Posts: Display related posts to the post you are viewing. Download

5.Subscribe to Comments 2.0: Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry. Download

6.Recent Comments: Display recent comments on your sidebar.

7.Brian’s Thread Comments: which let you reply to a comment. Download

8.Popularity Contest: Setting some popular pages. Download

9.Show Top Commentators: This will encourage your visitors post comments on your blogs. Their names will be shown on your sidebar. Download

10.FeedBurner Feed Replacement: Provide your feed via FeedBurner.

11.Google Sitemap Generator: create a sitemap help search engine crawl your pages easier. See full review. Download

12.Text Link Ads: Help you make more money from your blog using Text Link Ads.

13. Smart Archives: Create an index page which is very nice and easy for your visitors. Download

14. All In One SEO Pack: This is the best SEO plugin that you ever need for. It help you to re-write your blog description, keywords, title, post titles, and much more. See full review. Download .

15.WP-PageNavi: Create a nice paging navigation for your Wordpress blog. Download

16. AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget: Help your visitors to promote your pages. This is really nice widget. I always install it first. Download

17.RunPHP: this plugin allows you to use php code in your blog posts. Download

18.Sidebar Widget: This is very useful plugin which let you to install your snipped code easier with one click. If you are using new version of Wordpress, you do not have to install it.

19. WordPress Reports: gets stats from Google Analytics and Feedburner and adds them to the new ‘Reports’ tab. Download

20.Onclick: Which help you to install Wordpress plugins and theme with one click. See full review. Download

These are the most useful plugin that I have found when I using Wordpress for a while. If you know any nice good plugin. Please leave a comment to let me know.

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