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Content Copyright

All the materials on www.blogsmonetize.com are copyrighted. However, you are free to share and distribute with the following conditions. Please read the following carefully:

Credit Link: You must credit the source of the content by displaying a link back to the original article source. The link must point to the article page, not the website homepage. The link must be clickable.

Content Usage Limit: You are not allowed to republish the entire article or blog post words by words on your website. Only excerpts of 75 words or less from short article/blog post. For long article/blog post you may use up to 150 words. The maximum length of the excerpt to be used must be less than 30% of the original article. A credit link must be displayed even if you use an excerpt.

If you want to republish the entire article on your website, please contact me for the permission. Permission must be granted before you do so.

I understand and support the concept of fair use. However, I reserve all the rights to the content on www.blogsmonetize.com . Please do respect the copyright regulations listed here.