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6 Things to Consider When Making Your Blog Mobile Friendly


Are you thinking about making your blog mobile friendly to attract more visitors? That is a great idea, here is some tips that you can think of doing so

1. Mobile URL: Create a URL version of your blog.
2. Dimension of your blog: Since the dimension of the mobile devices is small, you need to make sure that the size of mobile version of your blog is small as well. So, your visitors don’t have to scroll to view the content.
3. Size of your mobile version of your blog: Since most people have limited data plan and the speed is slow. The size of your blog should be less than 30kb.
4. Pictures: Keep the number of picture minimized. A lot of picture will slow down your site.
5. Content: Content should be the priority thing to consider when come to mobile. Mobile users tend to look at something that they can focus easily. If you have a lot of distracted content, you will lose your visitors.
6. Testing: Testing is a must task that you have to do to make sure everything working properly. If it is not working the way that you are expected, then you have to fix it right away.

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