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USB Device Not Recognized (Malfunction)


Have you ever had this problem? Probably, you already encountered this problem for so many times. This happened to me so many times before.  Today, when I tried to load my new template (for this blog) from my USB, my USB didn't work  "USB Device Not Recognized (Malfunction)". So, I searched for a solution over the internet to solve this problem. Finally, I found a solution which solved my problem. Here are some of the solutions that may or may not work for you if you got this problem.

Solution 1 and 2 are from NT Compatible  website
  • Solution 1: Turn off your computer. Un-plug the power for about 30 minutes or so. Also, take out the battery if you are using a laptop. Restart your computer after 30 minutes. You problem are gone.

  • Solution 2: Update your motherboard chipset driver and update your USB device's driver.
Solution 3, 4, and 5 are from Microsoft website
  • Solution 3: Use Device Manager to scan for hardware changes

Start --> run --> Type devmgmt.msc --> click your computer so that it is highlighted --> click Action --> click Scan for hardware changes --> Check the USB device to see whether it is working.

  • Solution 4: Disable and re-enable the USB controller. This solution worked for me :)

Start --> Run -- Type devmgmt.msc--> Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers--> Uninstall all the USB controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers--> Restart the computer--> Windows will automatically reinstall all the USB controllers--> now check if your USB port work.

  • Solution 5: Disable the Selective Suspend feature. You can do this manual or automatically. You can follow the instruction on Microsoft website

Hope this help for everyone. Any question, comment are welcome.

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Thanks. Great help for me.

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