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Title Tag Optimization - Very Important for Search Engine Optimization


The title tag is the most important tag element on a webpage. Most search engine consider this tag as the primary element of a webpage. It is given the most weighted by search engine's algorithm in making the decision about the topic of your webpage. The text in the title tag is also visible to your visitors on your webpage and search engine result page (SERP). When a user make a search query, search engine will pick the most matching title and place it on the search result page. Thus, having a perfect title can generate higher click rate, and more visitors to your website.

How to write a good title?

  • Your title must be unique, attractive.
  • Your title should convey the message of your webpage.
  • Your title must be relevant to the content on that webpage.
  • The length of the title should be no more than 20 words or so. Keep your title short, if it is too long, the search engine will truncate it, making it useless in the search result. As a result, it reduces the click rate to your website.

Having a good tile is important

  • Having a good title is very important because it describes what your webpage is about in the search result page.
  • Good title generates higher click rate and better ranking in SERP.

The Meta Keywords Tag and Meta Description Tag also need to consider in optimization for your website convincing the search engine that your site has more relevant content than your competitors.

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