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New AdSense Interface - Make More Money with Your Adsense Ads


Google just announced yesterday that they are rolling out a new Adsense interface for publisher. The new interface is very interesting. You have more control on your ads. You now can manage what kind of ads categories and networks will be displayed on your website. There is also a chart that you can see how your ads perform quickly. These new features are great. I love them so much. This new interface will definitely increase your Adsense income.

There are more nice features on the new interface. Inside Adsense made a quick summary on what new in the new Adsense interface:

You can now run even more detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other metrics, over custom date ranges. You’ll also find graphs of your data on the new Performance reports tab. You can quickly view impressions, clicks, and earnings all in one graph, compare text ad performance to image ad performance, compare date ranges, and easily analyze data to recognize trends.
All ad controls are now in one place, on the Allow and block ads tab. Here, you’ll be able to filter ads from specific advertisers, categories, and ad networks

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