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Get Listed in Search Engine Result Faster


Normally, when you start your new website, you submit your website to search engine such as Google. You have to wait for weeks, or even months to be listed in their search result pages. As a webmaster, we always want to have visitors visit our websites. Thus, having a very long time to wait to be listed in search engine result page isn’t wonderful. Luckily, there are ways you can work around to have your website listed in search engine faster.

1. Submit your website manually to major search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo.... Do it manually for the best result. Only submit your root URL and submit it once. Submit your website more than one, does not make any different. Submit your websites more than one can cause negative impact.

2. Get backlink to your website from popular websites. It is very important, it will help search engine index your website faster. Search engine bots always almost crawls on those popular sites. The chance they see your website and follow a link to your website is very high. At that time, they crawl your website and index your website.

3. There are many websites that you can get valuable backlinks. You can submit your site to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg..... You can also bookmark your sites to those bookmark site like delicious.com, and of course, you can submit your website to website directories.

4. Adding a blogs to your website helps. Search engine loves blogs. Google are known to index blogs faster than regular websites because blogs are updated more often and regularly (daily, or even hourly). They provide fresh content more often.

If you apply these tricks to your website. You will get listed faster in search engine result page than expected.

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