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Best Free URL Shortener Service


When using the internet, we often share the webpage to friends. When the URL address is too long, it may cause problem. For example, in Twitter, we are only allowed to have 140 character per message. Thus, making the URL shorter is essential.

There are so many URL shortener service available on the internet. These services reduce the long URL into a very short URL. Bit.ly shortener is a best free URL shortening service in my opinion. This is my favorite one.

Bit.ly is the most popular and reliable shortener service on the internet. Using this service, you can check the statistic of your URL. It has a very nice statistic graph. Moreover, there are  so many applications that use this service as a default service in their applications such as addthis. They also provide apikey. If you are a developer, you can implement this service in your program easy. With these great features, I recommend you to use it.

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