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How to Get Backlink on Copy and Paste


Have you ever seen exact copies words by words of your content on another websites with no backlink to your site? The answer is most likely to be "yes".

Requesting every of them to remove the stolen content is time consuming. Why not try to give them a link back when they copy and paste your articles?

There is a tool called Tynt Insight which can add a link back to your original source with every copy and paste. It will ensure you get credit for your work, drives new visitors back to your site and improves your SEO results.

To have this tool install on your website, go to Tynt and register for an account, then copy their script and past it in the <head> tag of your website. After you done so, try to test your script by copying and pasting your article. You will see a link back at the end of your copied articles.

Hope this helps you.

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