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How to play mp3 music on blogs/websites using del.icio.us

I am sure you are very familiar with del.icio.us as a social bookmarking website. Have you heard about playing music on your blogs by using del.icio.us?

In this post, I’ll show you how to embed mp3 music onto your websites from del.icio.us

Here is examples which I use this method to embed music from del.icio.us

Psychiatric Office Answering Machine
Code Monkey
The most unwanted music
Martin Luther King, “I have a dream” and other speeches

First, you need to put the following code into your websites.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://images.del.icio.us/static/js/playtagger.js"></script>
For blogger, you can put this code before the </body> tag in the edit HTML.

Second, you use the following code to embed music
<a href="link_to_music_file.mp3">Music title</a>
Note: you must bookmark the mp3 file to del.icio.us before using it.

Have fun

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