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Tip: How to get your money back


As an investor, there is nothing for sure that you are never being scammed by any program on the internet. If you were scammed, you lost your money, your investment. However, you can try to get back your money if you made the transaction through Alertpay. There is nothing worse than losing your money. With Alertpay, we have the opportunity to get back our money, so I suggest you to try to dispute the transaction to get back your money.

According to my experience, in order to make the disputation successfully, you should follow these steps:
  1. First, you should try to contact the admin of that website to get back your investment. After awhile, if the situation remains the same, you can try to contact Alertpay to dispute the transaction.
  2. When you dispute the transaction, please remember:
    1. You have to write everything neat and clear in English.
    2. You have to remember that you already lost your money, so you should not demand Alertpay to give your money back. It is just a chance that you can get your money back. Nothing for sure. In some cases, they will refund your money. You have to remember that if there is no money in the merchant account, they can not make a refund for you.

To make a disputation:

  1. Login to your AlertPay account.
  2. Click on help.
  3. Click on submit a ticket.
  4. Select deparment: choose Security/File a Report.
  5. Click next, and fill in your information.
  6. Security/File Report section, chose User Agreement Violation.
  7. Then write down your subject and your message. In your message, you have to put your transaction ID.
  8. You are done. You can click on submit now.

Now, the last step is to wait for a reply. It can take up to 3 weeks. You just have to patient.

Goodluck on getting your money back everyone.

Merry Christmas

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Thank you for this great tips. It is very useful for us on the internet investment.

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