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Onclick – install Wordpress plugins and templates with one click


Oneclick – as its name, it can help you to install Wordpress plugins or templates easily with one click. Usually, you have to download and upload your plugins and templates to your server every time you want to install them on your blogs. This could take your time if you have a lot of plugins or if you want to try to test some templates. Onelick makes your life easier. You just have to install this plugin first, and everything will be very easy for you with one click. You can download and upload plugins or templates with one click via your admin control. You just have to give the directly link of the file which you want to install, or the link of the file on your computer. Then, you just active your plug-in or templates.

Besides, you can also install FireFox add-on, so you do not have to login to your admin control before install plugins. You just have to right click on the files which you want to download; everything will be done for you. The next step, you just have to configure your plugins or templates.

This plugin is very easy to understand, you can figure out everything when you are using it. I always install this plugin first very time I re-install my blog to reduce the time installing plugins.

For more information and download, you can check it here.

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