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When you have created a great website full of rich content, but no one comes to your site. The income generated by the site is so low, even nothing. These days the quote "content is the king" is replaced by "traffic is the King". So, how do we get traffic to the site? The answer is really simple "public the site"? There are many ways to promote your site. You can submit your site to the major search engine such as google, yahoo...you can also submit your site to many directories to get more traffic. And the one I am talking here is one of the kind. It is free and simple.

Trafficswarm is an exchange traffic that can give you thousands of real visitors in a short time. The rule is simple, for each credit you generated, you get one visitor from Trafficswarm. There are many ways you can get credits:

Load your TrafficSwarm Start Page by opening your browser (1 credit each time you load it). Click on any of the six site links on your Start Page (1-1,000 credits for each click). Use the TrafficSwarm Search Engine (1-1,000 credits for each click). The Search Box is located at the top of the Start Page. Refer another user who “activates” (100 credits for each member you refer). Purchase credit

It is so simple as that. The early you sign up the better traffic you have.

Please feel free to leave a comment about this and how we can get better benefit form it. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

What do you actually get as real money from all those credits?

Shiro said...

You get visitors. You exchange those credits for visitors.

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