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Share a pic- get money by sharing a picture


It is so simple. You just upload you images to Share A Pic and share them to yours family/friends... and get paid for doing it.

As you know there is always a limit for uploading a picture to the webs and share it with your friends, colleagues, family.... such as the size of the images, bandwidth, space. However, at Share A Pic, you do not have those limitations. You can upload as much as you want except the illegal contents. More than that, you get pay when people view your pictures.

You can share you pictures in your blog, websites, forums, facebook... Do remember that you won’t be paid much for INDIA and ASIA traffic because advertisers from these areas do not pay much. You are paid pretty good if people from North American and Western European view your images.

Once, you reach $20, you can request a payment through Paypal (they only pay you through Paypal). They will pay you in 7 business days to maximum of 30 business days.

You can also make money from referring people to joins Share A Pic and from adding your Bidvertiser ad code to your account. Click on Bidvertiser in the header. Follow the steps in the tutorial to add your Bidvertiser.

Here is a quick look
- Upload unlimited pictures
- No file size restrictions
- Create unlimited galleries
- We pay $0.22 per 1000 pic views.. that's more than some major 
ad networks pay their publishers!
- We allow you to add your 
Bidvertiser © code to your 
image and gallery pages.
- We pay out within 7 days!
- One click posting to Myspace, 
Blogger, Xanga, Hi5, and more!

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